Simple Study Room Computer Desk Setup

In a good atmosphere and relaxation are really important at work! I share desktop layout cases every day to create your own atmosphere.

Do you like plants? I increasingly like lively desktop decorations in late autumn!

So I arranged some small plant decorations on my desktop, which looks much more comfortable.

After work, the sense of ritual and atmosphere are also in full swing!

In addition to lively plant decorations, interesting desktop setups are also a small way for me to create a desk atmosphere.

Just like a speaker, in addition to overall high-quality sound, the interesting design of the appearance is also a bonus.

With 3 lighting modes plus 8 light colors, the atmosphere is just right!

Using music to heal the soul, creating an atmosphere at the desk.

When we increasingly need soothing melodies in the midst of busyness, we are always willing to pay for good design.

📝 Layout list: 1⃣️ Host: MacBook Pro 14 2⃣️ Monitor: AOC 27-inch 4k 3⃣️ Screen light: Xiaomi 1s 4⃣️ Charging station: Xiaoyuntuan 5⃣️ Keyboard and mouse: Lofree 6⃣️ Speaker: Friday in a Can 7⃣️ Gamepad: Beitong 8⃣️ Ergonomic chair: Xihao 9⃣️ Adjustable desk: Lege

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