Cat King” this speaker brand, although it has been established for a short time

“Cat King” this speaker brand, although it has been established for a short time, has attracted a large number of users with its retro appearance. The first time I saw it was in a restaurant, where the owner used it as a decoration on the cash register, which caught my eye at that time.

I have bought two for daily use, and some of my friends have been influenced by me to buy them as well.

Recently, I bought another Cat King Bluetooth speaker, called the Cat King Wild Mini. As an old fan of Cat King, this time the appearance is very hardcore, changing the previous retro style, including the packaging, which is “military-grade”!

When I opened the packaging, a strong masculine style appeared before my eyes. Its overall shell is made of full metal design, and it is seamlessly cast from high-density zinc alloy in five dimensions.

With the same homogeneous coating material as a tank, plus the three-spray three-coat armored car paint process, you tell me, is it hardcore or not?

Basic functions
Let’s take a look at what’s fun about it. It’s smaller than a palm, with built-in Bluetooth 5.0, which connects quickly and stably to the phone. It can also automatically reconnect when turned off and on again.

There are three buttons on the top, and when you toggle the middle button down to turn it on and off, there will be a Morse code telegraph sound, but it feels different from the manual. You have to press and hold for about two seconds to turn it on, not just press once to turn it on.

As for the sound quality, everyone has different requirements. You can listen and feel that the human voice is good, the bass and midrange are sufficient, and the treble is a bit weak.

The charging port uses USB, which would be more convenient if it were changed to type-C.

There are many color options, besides my desert yellow, there are also jungle green, iron black, and a Peace Elite co-branded version. If you’re interested, you can check out the introduction below.

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