EDIFIER’s Hua Zai Flourishes with International Acclaim, Winning the 2023 iF Design Award

Recently, a product from renowned global audio brand EDIFIER has once again garnered one of the highest accolades in international industrial design – the 2023 German iF Design Award. This news shines as a beacon in the realm of Chinese design, solidifying EDIFIER’s exceptional prowess in product design and technological innovation. The award-winning item distinguished … Read more

Simple Study Room Computer Desk Setup

In a good atmosphere and relaxation are really important at work! I share desktop layout cases every day to create your own atmosphere. Do you like plants? I increasingly like lively desktop decorations in late autumn! So I arranged some small plant decorations on my desktop, which looks much more comfortable. After work, the sense … Read more

Congratulations on finding treasure! It’s an aesthetically pleasing and simple black digital clock.

This INS-style, high-quality, simple black digital clock is definitely a must-have stylish tool for your home! It can be powered by rechargeable batteries or dry batteries. When powered by dry batteries, it also supports voice control, with the display screen automatically turning off after 16 seconds of being lit. Moreover, you can switch between 12-hour … Read more

Setting up a cozy atmosphere in a 2-square-meter corner.

  🛋 As the night deepens, the lights gradually brighten. When I return home and see the lights slowly coming on, my world of solitary nights also begins to illuminate… 💡 Today, I added a new light source to my study – the Nanoleaf constellation light. The modular light panels can be freely combined according … Read more